Here are a few of our most requested topics:


Leadership Development

Leadership development is a systematic approach to expanding the performance capability of individuals in leadership roles within your organization. And like any approach, it's not achieved through a single stage or step but rather through a journey.  It's an intentional effort to provide leaders and emerging leaders with opportunities to learn, grow and change.

How to Write Effective Policies & Procedures

How do you know when you need to have a policy for a certain area of your business?  A written policy helps your organization run more smoothly and efficiently. A basic way to look at a policy is that it is a written record of a workplace rule. You'll walk away with tools and templates along with a multi-step process to assure clear communication.​

Critical Thinking

Through these highly interactive classes, participants will learn how to apply a variety of good thinking concepts in conducting work in their offices. Specifically, participants will be able to use the elements of reasoning; apply Socratic questioning; distinguish between problem solving and decision making; and detect logical fallacies.

Women's Professional Development

Sheryl Sandberg says, "The next time you are about to call a little girl "bossy", say instead: She has executive leadership skills." Leadership skills are learned and developed over time.  Women's professional development reinforces the 'how' to get the job done without being known as the "bossy" lady at the end of the hall.  It's sharing our stories, meeting new people, learning new skills, sharing our talents, and mentoring others.  It's also being open to learning and challenging our own thinking.​

Strategic Planning

Lack of planning is most often the reason for failure to thrive in any organization.  LeaderFuel has developed a specific customizable process for helping organizations look at their business strategically to plan for the future.  

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