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Nancy Campbell

Chief Thinking Officer 


  • Co-Founder and Principal, LeaderFuelNow LLC

  • Co-Founder and Principal of Business Behavior Institute (a training and consulting company)

  • Founder and Principal of Campbell & Associates  (a training and consulting company)

  • Human Resources Consultant, William M. Mercer

  • Divisional Manager of Administration – Western Region Meidinger, Inc

  • Management Analyst, City of Kansas City, Missouri

  • English ./ Communications teacher (high school)  Kansas City, Missouri


  • Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and other Risk Management Issues

  • Respect in the workplace

  • Planning and accountability through behavioral standards

  • Workplace legalities (discrimination, harassment, FMLA, ADA, CRA and others)

  • Management / Human Resources

  • Critical Thinking:  Maximizing Your Brain Power

  • Communication (policies and procedures, technical writing, business writing, diplomacy & tact)

  • Speaker, national and state conferences of Society of Human Resources Management

  • Author of numerous publications, including

    • R-e-s-p-e-c-t In The Workplace   (Employment Relations Today, Summer 2007)

    • Business Dining: Hosting A Business Dinner  (Kansas City Small Business Monthly  March 2006)

    • Business Dining: Be A Saavy Supper Companion (Kansas City Small Business Monthly  April 2006)

    • Sexual Harassment:  How to Handle It, Prevent It, Stop It   (e-book 2006   workshop 2005)

    • Writing Effective Policies & Procedures   (AMACOM, New York  1998)

    • Over 50 training workshops


Geographic/Regional Experience

  • U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Puerto Rico


Nancy Campbell has an intuitive way of discovering the root of people and process problems, and formulating common-sense solutions that leave everyone happier and more productive. She is a recognized expert at “translating” complex concepts – including employment legalities – into practical, real-world applications.  She challenges your thinking and boosts it to “the next level.”   Her 30 years of international experience as a manager, analyst, consultant, facilitator, business owner, speaker, and author give her tremendous insight.  Her passion for improving the behavior of both people and processes profoundly changes the way you think and operate.


Awards & Affiliations

  • The Society for Human Resources Management  (SHRM)

  • Chambers of Commerce:  Kansas City, Lees’ Summit MO, Women’s National Chamber

  • Numerous awards from American Management Association

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